Even Wilder Ways

Wilder Ways, we have been going strong and steady even in these distanced time, it has been an essential scaffolding in our outdoor time and connection with each other.  Every week on Fridays we have been meeting on Zoom and then embarking on our solo adventures. Setting time aside to reflect and hold ourselves accountable … More Even Wilder Ways

Wilding in Lockdown

It has been such an intense month. We would be just starting out Easter Holidays as of the start of the week and instead a lot of us have been away from Schools, if we do go to School, and Workplaces for a while now.  We hope you are all doing well out there. Generally … More Wilding in Lockdown

The Past Couple of Weeks

We’ve had a lot happen over the past few weeks. ​ Some of the things we’ve done are as follows:  We asked ourseleves the question if we knew we’d succeed what we would do? It was inspiring to let our optimistic visions for ourselves and the planet soar.   Then we asked why not now? What stops … More The Past Couple of Weeks

Risking and Benefiting

It has been great to get to a point where we are seeing real progress with our personal goals – one thing we have been exploring in particular is seeing the unseen – and delving into risk and benefit. Now, this may sound obscure so here is an example this week we started by considering … More Risking and Benefiting

Original Orientation

This week was based on orientating…  We did an interesting challenge walk to camp, blindfolded in a chain were we were not able to walk on the road or verge – how did we do ! Well we are still here – I promise. ​We worked collectively on the design of the day and camp design … More Original Orientation