Horizons Group Update

Over the past few months we’ve worked on our fire skills and made felted fire bags to carry tinder.

The beach days were very creative, we built 32 stupas (stone towers) and meditated, and also liked being buried. One of us buried his wellies and couldn’t find them again!

We drew our body outlines in the sand and filled them in with beach art to describe how our whole selves felt at the beach that day.

Digging big holes and getting buried in them are popular across the all ages at Horizons Group.

The Games Day brought the two groups together and all the families, adults got very competitive. The water relay had us counting millilitres of water.

We finished our very busy year with a tug of war.

We are back in the woods in early September, with a weekly horizons group as well as a fortnightly horizons group. We look forward to seeing all the old faces and some new.

Have a great rest of summer !