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We have been busy changing around our blogs, as the Wilder Ways and Horizons blogs have been housed elsewhere, so you may not have seen them online in the last few months.

 Sorry about that, we really love keeping you in the loop. You can always check out our Instagram or Facebook page.

Our goal mapping

Back when we were just returning from summer break, we were planning together our goals and wishes for the future and ended up considering the lifelong value of values and practices such as learning new skills, self-motivation, nature skills and physical fitness.

We used a physical mapping system on the ground to figure out our priorities which helped us feel connected to our goals and also that we shared motivations. It also gave a feeling of support in the group.

We also spent a lot of time playing with Peace Sticks and making shelters (which were too small for Max! An extension may be needed).

Wilder Ways
A few more sticks should do the trick

Our ongoing work with the tannery gave us plenty to do  – with defleshing sheepskins and deer skins. This work is important for knowing how to use animals to their maximum potential, which has been essential in this region of the world for a long time.

Also, we did some coastal foraging – followed by some cooking of our greens, an important part of our physical fitness goals, making salt, and then a delicious paella to finish. 

If you fancy checking out the archive have a look here