Wilder Ways – Even back in May, something was coming….

For some mysterious reason, back in May we were given the challenge of putting up a tarp with no trees, this was a clue about where our upcoming Summer Camp was.

For more preparation we started making our own cooking pots – the brief was to hold a meal for one, lots of variety was produced.

Later in May we made bowdrills and and went fishing at Ruby Bay – Paul Smith simplified the art of fire starting with a bow drill and Alasdair Coles shared his passion for fishing.

We lit a fire but only caught a fish in the local fishmongers.

We continued to work on our projects at camp  – bowdrill kits, hide pouches, tinder bags.

Wrapping up the bundle or the end is coming….

We did Herbal First Aid part 2 with Anna Kinross – building a herbal first aid kit for our bundles – we made tinctures and balms and dried willow to use a painkiller. These supplies will come in handy for

Paula checked our tree ID skills at the Lime Kilns site. We harvested a wee bit of hazel for our Bowdrill kits.