Wilder Ways Group 12-17 Year Olds

There are two Wilder Ways groups – a core group that meets weekly for home educated teenagers and a weekend group that meets once a month on a Saturday for teens that home educate and teens who go to school.

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Our weekday sessions are organised like school terms where we work on larger themes and projects. These often suit home educated teenagers. 

Our weekend sessions focus on building skills in traditional bushcraft and seasonal activities. These are designed to be stand alone and we have many teenagers in school that come along. 

We have a focus on a large variety of activities, skills and approaches that will increase confidence, resilience, practical abilities and most importantly enable us to have fun. 

Wilder Ways began in 2017 for young people aged 12-16. Our weekend group is a mix of 12-16 year olds. Our core group is mainly 15-17 year olds at the moment as many of the group who started with us in 2017 are still here!

Leaf Fluttering in Wind on Apple iOS 14.6

Connection is at the heart of what we do – connection to ourselves, each other and the land around us.

Inspired by the 8-Shields movement, permaculture and nonviolent communication we have built a curriculum that looks to nature as our teacher. The role of our mentors is to create a space for everyone to travel through together and in their own way with empathy, compassion and no judgement.

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Would you like to join us?

If you are home-educating, attending school or a craftsperson with a skill to share outdoors we would love to hear from you.

Leaf Fluttering in Wind on Apple iOS 14.6