What has been happening at the Earthship?


We are deeply grateful for peoples’ care and interest in helping us to re-use our building, thank you. Knowing that it was being put to good use somewhere else made the deconstruction of it much more bearable.

We are delighted to report that we estimate we have re-homed somewhere between 80-90% of the building, although that is a hard thing to quantify!

What we can say with certainty is that we only had 1 eight cubic yard skip of waste – made up mainly of scraps of liners, membranes, and the like. In addition to the 1 skip we took a small trailer load of metal to the scrapyard but it was too light to weigh in, in other words because it was mostly pieces of chicken wire that we used when required for plastering situations, it was very light.

We were over the moon to re-home all the tyres – 100 of them went to a small farm where the owner is developing a community food project, a few went to build a retaining wall for some of our volunteers, other volunteers took them to grow food in, and the bulk that was left (approximately 500) went to build retaining walls for a sustainable glamping project where the owners are demonstrating as much reused materials as possible. Our very special tyre, called Ted, has been re-settled in a local house in Burntisland, we believe he too is going to have food planted in him.

There will be more detail on the re-using of the Earthship in our Deconstruction Report, which we hope will be ready in a couple of months time. Please watch this space.

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