So We are Back

It’s been a long time since we could gather in more than two at a time. We found it so refreshingly great to not start Monday with an intensive three hour Zoom call with a last minute dash to briefly meet up and disperse again with just one of more person. Not this Monday, this time we met in the picturesque fishing capital of the East Neuk – Pittenweem and stayed under the open skies for the duration. 

We wandered, laughed and gathered facts and fictions about the fishing past for our shared Environmental science project about the sustainability of fishing.

The great thing about doing it the Wilder Ways way is that we can have the physical resonance right by us while we think about theory. We definitely feel lucky especially when it stays dry and our paper remains intact. 

We even finished off with a swing and spin at the playground and met our canine pal Sonny.
It was a grand reunion.