Wild Happenings

Some of the things we did and our reflections over the past month or so: We are getting much so better at lighting fires with bowdrills this year. It requires a lot of patience and mindfulness! We found a beautiful natural chimney and beach fire place on the beach. A spectacular viewpoint provided a breathtaking … More Wild Happenings

Horizon Update

These are a few of the things the Horizons group have been doing: Despite a very cold day, we worked our hands into gooey fat-laden mixtures to create much needed bird feeders. When we came back the next time it was all gone – but was it the birds or squirrels who enjoyed them?! In … More Horizon Update

Drawing down the days

It’s come to the end of a very busy year of growth for the Horizon Group and relationships and individuals continue to blossom and interweave their relationships with each other and the land. This activity is called cording and is always done as a pair where two children make a thicker piece of cord together … More Drawing down the days

New horizons

The pace of growth of our Horizons group has been tremendous and we now have two groups that are full to capacity. We know that a picture spells a thousand words so here are some to enjoy. We continue to have fun, be challenged and learn. Among more games than we could remember playing, we … More New horizons

Back on the blog

We have been busy changing around our blogs, as the Wilder Ways and Horizons blogs have been housed elsewhere, so you may not have seen them online in the last few months.  Sorry about that, we really love keeping you in the loop. You can always check out our Instagram or Facebook page. Back when we were just returning from summer break, we were planning together our goals and wishes for the … More Back on the blog

So We are Back

It’s been a long time since we could gather in more than two at a time. We found it so refreshingly great to not start Monday with an intensive three hour Zoom call with a last minute dash to briefly meet up and disperse again with just one of more person. Not this Monday, this … More So We are Back

Kicking off another week

We had a fantastic Saturday a week or so ago, which meant that many people from School could join us. We always have a great time with old and new friends. The days task involved locating a waterfall for some necessary supplies. On the way, we encountered challenges and spotted the changing seasons. We also … More Kicking off another week