Wild Happenings

Some of the things we did and our reflections over the past month or so:

We are getting much so better at lighting fires with bowdrills this year. It requires a lot of patience and mindfulness!

We found a beautiful natural chimney and beach fire place on the beach.

A spectacular viewpoint provided a breathtaking view after a long, arduous trek across the Lomond Mountains. Paula tried to fool us by driving us to our drop-off place blindfolded, but our sense of direction is too strong for her to fool us. We’ve been walking these lands for 5 years now and it certainly feels like a version of home, it’s great to have such a strong connection!

We got some birch sap too as the sap rose. It was very fiddly to get birch sap flowing but we eventually managed to collect 3/4 litre overnight.

When Paula left the syrup on the stove too long – it burned, this should be a criminal offence, we think, after tasting it. 

Some of us built overnight shelters at the Spring Equinox and slept out in them. There’s no way the wind moved the covers much, but we are still glad it didn’t rain!

We went back to the Falkland Estate for our Giving Something Back day.

As soon as we fixed Drumdreel Weir, the place sprang to life. The drying up frog spawn looked a lot happier.

It felt like a summers day and we didn’t want to leave after lunch, but we had rhodendrons to bash!

Have a look at our photo gallery and tell us what you think !