Earthships and similar buildings

Earthship Biotecture

A Scottish farmer and his earthship Want to spend your holiday in this Scottish Earthship? Book here (or google for “Earthship Loch Leven”)

An Earthship in Scotland – A low-impact eco home on the north coast of Scotland constructed using a variety of methods and materials (briefly described here under “9. Topped with Turf”)

Earthship Brighton

Are car tyres safe in buildings? Article on using car tyres as foundations for strawbale buildings

The Groundhouse (Darren’s Earthship in Brittany – known from Grand Designs TV program)

Earthship life at Blue Rock Station

Hockerton Housing Project – not Earthships, but demonstrating many of the Earthship principles in practice in our climate

Centre for Alternative Technology

The Brochs of Coigach

Polish website about Earthships

I wonder if some of the inspiration for Earthships came from Arcosanti

Hockerton Housing Project finds the Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy may act as a barrier to further use of high thermal mass and passive solar gain in building

Passive House

Blog about converting a Victorian mid terraced house to a Passivhaus

Earthship article in “Countryside Jobs Service Weekly” Special Edition 22 May 2006

Findhorn Eco-village‘s Sewage System: the Living Machine (and an article in the Ecologist about the Living Machine)

Earth-sheltered building
Earth-sheltered-houses at
Earth_shelter at Wikipedia
Earth-sheltered-home-designs at

Interesting and useful websites

Sustainable harvesting is at the heart of these online workshops from the seaweed school in Fife. A great way to learn more about seaweed foraging during lockdown.

Want to learn to scythe? Scottish scything workshops

Amanda and Meghan found a very interesting article about reusing ever day diapers as an alternative fuel rather than just having them end up in a landfill! Here it is:

The Renewable Energy UK Website – many articles on al sorts of subjects to do with renewable energy and energy saving devices.

Water saving devices: reducing the amount of water used to flush the toilet: Variflush is an adaptor which enables users to select minimum, medium or maximum flush. The InterflushTM (on The Renewable Energy UK Website) is a kit which enables one to vary the amount of water used when flushing as it only flushes when the handle is held down, releasing the handle stops the flush.

Hemp building information and courses here

Other organisations with a similar name

Sustainable Communities North East Initiative (SCNEI) “To help create sustainable communities across North East England in order to improve people’s quality of life and help secure our future.”

Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative(SSCI)  was launched in June 2008 to encourage the creation of places, designed and built to last, where a high quality of life can be achieved. Local authorities, landowners, the development industry and others were invited to submit proposals which demonstrated ambition in addressing a number of principles.

NHS Scottish Care Information NHSScotland has developed SCI Gateway, a national system that integrates primary and secondary care systems using familiar yet highly secure Internet technology.