Our Vision

Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI) is a grassroots charity working with children, young people and communities to lessen their footprint on the earth. Our projects focus on empowerment and creativity and involve facilitating nature connection, transforming waste and building traditional skills.


We have been successfully running programmes and projects since 2000 and since that time we built the first Earthship in the UK, which looked over Kinghorn Loch for nineteen years (see Earthship  Fife).

We have also been the only people (as far as we know) to deconstruct an Earthship, when we re-purposed Earthship Fife in 2021.

Over the two decades our projects have taken on a number of guises with many different groups. We always remained true to our purpose of tackling environmental issues with communities by inspiring through doing.

We show people how they can make changes in their lives, encourage those changes, and help people enjoy the changes they have made for the long term.


Our focus for the last few years has mainly been on working outdoors in nature connection projects,  such as Wilder Ways for teenagers,  now in its 5th year. We also have a very popular Horizon Group for younger homeschoolers.