Ted the Tyre” is our new children’s book telling the story of Ted the Tyre and how the Earthship came to Scotland. Please see the shop for more information

See our events page for information on our Outdoor learning project that will deliver a nature connection week (5 days) to 12 children 8-12 years who are struggling at mainstream school. (Funded by Shell UK Community Awards administered by Foundation Scotland)


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Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI) is a charity working at a grass-roots level with communities of all ages on social and environmental sustainability. All our projects inspire, support and increase resilience in both the individual and in community groups, and take place at our Earthship Fife Visitor Centre, in schools or community centres, or at community events.

Our projects generally involve people’s dreams, people’s waste, a stretch of the participants’ confidence and a lot of fun! We’ve built a Visitor Centre out of tyres and cans, and lots of greenhouses out of plastic bottles. We’ve brainstormed with too-many-to-count community groups on what they’d like to make together, and left them feeling resourced enough to use waste creatively on their own.

The surprise for people we work with is not only what you can do with waste but that “ordinary” unskilled people can do it, and they make lots of new friends. Families have relaxed together at our workshops and gotten to know each other a lot more. And community members may start off as strangers but they never leave that way.

Have a look through our website and see what you think, we look forward to working with you in the future.


This year we have funding from the Pump House Trust and Scotrail to run 4 seasonal community events at the Earthship and Life Labyrinth. Photo1021The first of the events was in April when we transformed old dated metal-framed chairs into functional fun “new” chairs!

On August 26th we will have fun exploring the Life Labyrinth together and using stories, games and activities in nature to think about areas of our life where we want to make positive changes. In the Autumn we will celebrate a traditional harvest together – harvesting what we have to share – old toys, books, clothes and food. In December we will have our final event of the year at the Barn on the Loch where we make natural Xmas wreaths and decorations together and a whole lot more!

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2017, where we hope there is something for everyone.

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