We take precautions against Coronavirus risks seriously. The Earthship is not open regularly, but please do contact us if you want to visit.

Please see our “Visit Earthship Fife” webpage for dates and restrictions.

We are very grateful to our local volunteers in Kinghorn who keep an eye on things (on their ‘exercise’ rounds) and keep the weeds under control in this abundant growing season.

If you are able to visit the Earthship, even if it closed, you can get extensive information (including an audio tour) using your smartphone, by connecting to our local WiFi (see the poster on the door), but please keep to the social distancing rules.

Also our ability to prepare and process orders is somewhat curtailed. Please see our shop page for what we can and cannot do at the moment.

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Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI) is a charity working at a grass-roots level with communities of all ages on social and environmental sustainability. All our projects inspire, support and increase resilience in both the individual and in community groups, and take place at our Earthship Fife Visitor Centre, in schools or community centres, or at community events.

Our projects generally involve people’s dreams, people’s waste, a stretch of the participants’ confidence and a lot of fun! We’ve built a Visitor Centre out of tyres and cans, and lots of greenhouses out of plastic bottles. We’ve brainstormed with too-many-to-count community groups on what they’d like to make together, and left them feeling resourced enough to use waste creatively on their own.

The surprise for people we work with is not only what you can do with waste but that “ordinary” unskilled people can do it, and they make lots of new friends. Families have relaxed together at our workshops and gotten to know each other a lot more. And community members may start off as strangers but they never leave that way.

Have a look through our website and see what you think, we look forward to working with you in the future.

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