Beach Escapades, Lucky Us and First Aid

In January we went to Tentsmuir to see storm damage and we had personal challenges to carry out in exchange for food, which we cooked on a fire.

The very large hole we dug became a major focus of the day and the boys got well and truly stuck.

It was a great opportunity for team work and team rest, who can do much when in a hole?

We also went to The Lucky Ewe, an ethical small scale Sheep farm to learn about their Intern programme and followed it with a walk up Largo Law.

The climb was steep and swift and the wind so chilly we snuck back to Kiels Den for leftover birthday cake and our navigation quiz.

The more points the bigger the slice of cake!

At the start of Feb we celebrated Imbolc with an overnight sleepout in the woods – no-one was cold and they all ate plenty of food – well needed to keep the energy up, we organised and cooked our own meals and wandered up to the Tower in the dark.

Some folk felt a bit sleep-deprived the next day but there was no question they had plenty of resilience too. It was a very windy night but on they slept.

In mid February we started our Level 3 in Outdoor First Aid.

So that will keep us all safe and aware of risks. And after a short midterm break we are excited for the new term.