Advice & Support

If your interest in Earthships is more than a passing thought, and you have had our guided tour, read the Earthship Toolkit and watched the Earthship DVD, you may want more support to explore your ideas. More details about our tours can be found here and you can find more about our publications by visiting our online shop.  

advice & support collageSCI can offer you the following support:


A personalised tour of the Earthship where we focus on the aspects most relevant to your ideas or projects and answer any specific questions you have. This tour, lasting 2 hours, is more in-depth to help you develop your project. We recommend you read the Earthship Toolkit first and watch the Earthship DVD, as they may answer many of your questions.

Cost: £150


This is a visit to your proposed site to help you ascertain the suitability of the site. The length of the visit is flexible and depends on the group’s needs and the travel time involved. If required, a brief report is sent afterwards.

Example of cost: £150 for a half day plus travel expenses.

To book a personalised tour or site survey, please email or telephone us.