Advice & Support

SCI amassed 20 years worth of knowledge and data on how Earthships work in Scotland and we still want to share that with you!

advice & support collage

We continue to offer advice and support in the following ways:

  • Our ever popular Earthship Toolkit and DVD showing how we built Earthship Fife in 2002-2004 (see our shop)
  • Access to our data sets on how the Earthship performed during 2004 – 2021 (please email us with your ideas)
  • Access to our new E-book: Living with Earthship Fife (it will be posted here when ready)
  • Access to our Deconstruction Report covering how we deconstructed Earthship Fife and what we discovered (it will be posted here when ready)
  • Online bespoke support for Earthship projects in the making
  • Site surveys for your Earthship


This is a visit to your proposed site to help you ascertain the suitability of the site. The length of the visit is flexible and depends on the group’s needs and the travel time involved. If required, a brief report is sent afterwards.

Example of cost: £150 for a half day plus travel expenses.

To enquire about a site survey, please email us.