The Exploration Continues

It is just as important to understand our environment as it is to understand ourselves. Indeed, the two are linked, and the interaction is what makes us. This week we pondered the questions: where does our energy come from and go? As well as: what patterns do I have? Potentially these questions can give us … More The Exploration Continues

The Past Couple of Weeks

We’ve had a lot happen over the past few weeks. ​ Some of the things we’ve done are as follows:  We asked ourseleves the question if we knew we’d succeed what we would do? It was inspiring to let our optimistic visions for ourselves and the planet soar.   Then we asked why not now? What stops … More The Past Couple of Weeks

The Weekend One

Every month Wilder Ways includes a Saturday date so that people who are ordinarily at school can join us, this was our weekend and was also Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic festival marking the start of Spring!  Friday A cold crisp day, we met at Pillars of Hercules  the perfect spot to pick up any additional food or … More The Weekend One

A Recap

Over the past few weeks we have: foraged for food in the rockpools while thinking and talking about our ancestors We all visited Scotland the Bread and learned about the nutritious ancient grains we used for sustainability.  We walked the chain walk in Elie,  which was an exciting challenge.  We cooked potatoes, bedouin bread, seafood … More A Recap

Our Line In The Sand

We arrived to West Sands beach early to help prepare the area for a Climate Change march coming from the centre of St Andrews town today. The march was loud and triumphant and we were there ready to greet the large snaking line of people with the sand art we had been working on all … More Our Line In The Sand

Original Orientation

This week was based on orientating…  We did an interesting challenge walk to camp, blindfolded in a chain were we were not able to walk on the road or verge – how did we do ! Well we are still here – I promise. ​We worked collectively on the design of the day and camp design … More Original Orientation