The Weekend One

Every month Wilder Ways includes a Saturday date so that people who are ordinarily at school can join us, this was our weekend and was also Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic festival marking the start of Spring! 


A cold crisp day, we met at Pillars of Hercules  the perfect spot to pick up any additional food or supplies for the day too. 

We checked in with our inner compass – our yes and no. It is such a vital tool and skill for life, it was interesting to find out what that felt like for each of us. 

Surveying of the woodland using quadrants and the DAFOR scale. The DAFOR scale is a way of understanding an area and in this case what tree species make up a particular area of woodland. DAFOR is an acronym which stands for Dominant, Abundant, Frequent, Occasional and Rare. It’s generally used for plants and gives an idea of what types of trees are in an are, which is good for management and also for understanding the soil and age/maturity of the land as well as the larger ecosystem and what other creatures may find the woodland hospitable. 

The teenagers have started to bring their gifts to the fore and will be leading sessions. Today it was Rhiannon’s turn. Rhiannon has been learning about taxidermy over the past year or so and was keen to test and share her skills so she brought along some deceased mice which had been frozen and her equipment. 

We also did some more den building and were ambushed by the Flexi Friday group.

It almost goes without saying but we rounded our session up with a sit spot and a story of the day before discussing our personal goal setting for the term to come. 


Saturday we learned a lot about working all sorts of tools and several people who can only join us on non-school days came along. This filled in much of our day as you may see from the images amongst other things we practiced on the pole lathe, starting rolling pins, baseball bats, torch handles. Once you master these time tested tools the sky ( or torch handle ) is the limit… 

We played a torch game to symbolise Imbolc, a reminder that the days are getting surely and steadily lighter and brighter. To mark this we lit a torch and walked clear paths setting intentions for the next part of the year

What a tiring day, we also played a lot of games! 

More next time…. and as always get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.