Original Orientation

This week was based on orientating… 

We did an interesting challenge walk to camp, blindfolded in a chain were we were not able to walk on the road or verge – how did we do ! Well we are still here – I promise. 

We worked collectively on the design of the day and camp design – developing a den and did some more work on the toilet and also did more renovations on the main shelter. 
We played a game called Ruminant Bellies. 

Sit spots were a big feature as they always are, they help to settle us down and orient to our surroundings and ourselves. We also did some journalling in this space which helped us dig deeper. 

For lunch we cooked lasagne together and it got a large thumbs up from everyone. Cooking together has so many functions and also keeps our energy high and stomachs from rumbling.

We played more games, really too many to sum up. 

We used our visualising skills to visualise a path… 

Have a look at our photos and stay in touch !!