A Recap

Over the past few weeks we have: foraged for food in the rockpools while thinking and talking about our ancestors

We all visited Scotland the Bread and learned about the nutritious ancient grains we used for sustainability. 

We walked the chain walk in Elie,  which was an exciting challenge. 

We cooked potatoes, bedouin bread, seafood – limpets and whelks on the fire.

We made a quiz – on the creatures we foraged for, and even got some of the answers right. 

Played ninja again! There is a pattern forming…

​The next week: 

We reflected on personal food choices and considered alternatives that take the planet into account. 

Considered trapping today – Henry experienced it first hand!

The Estate gamekeeper visited with the deer manager – we talked about trapping animals, stalking deer and regulations

Played an anatomy game – getting into the anatomy of pigeon, rabbit, deer, and pheasant

Played water ninja.

We worked on building projects, researched grey/red squirrels and re-set the camera trap

We reflected on trap designs and also did a visualization of what being trapped like an animal would feel like and we also and wrote about what the outcome could be.

We played games to explore questions such as Who Are We? Who Am I? Identity is such a slippery thing and it was so good to do this exercise in a group. 

Sharpened axes and knives, felled a tree and made mallets. All useful instruments helping anyone be at one with living a little wilder. 

Stay in touch. ​