The Past Couple of Weeks

We’ve had a lot happen over the past few weeks. ​

Some of the things we’ve done are as follows: 

We asked ourseleves the question if we knew we’d succeed what we would do? It was inspiring to let our optimistic visions for ourselves and the planet soar. 

 Then we asked why not now? What stops us? This was a fantastic way of digging into our most treasured hopes and dreams. 

Following on from that, we hear the story of the Two Wolves. This illustrates the power of our choices over our destinies. It is a reminder of the freedom we have to feed either negative or positive thoughts and attitudes. A tale to carry us through life perhaps – both individually and collectively. 

We did the sit spot of course – and in the freezing wind, sleet and rain pondered solemnly what animal would we like to be on a day like today?

As usual, we also spent some time working on our personal goals. It’s great to hear how others are getting on, as well as share in the humanity of obstacles. 

We smoked some fish around the fire and cooked vegetables in the dutch oven, this warm fare was very welcome in the inclement weather. Brrrrr 

We played a game called. stag and doe

It was Rhiannons birthday, and she made a birthday river – a drawing charting her journey thus far and also looking into her goals for the future. Birthdays seem like a good time for this! The boys made a Wilder Ways river card for her too. 

Looking at the constant seesaw between negative and positive again, we reflected on how we had done positive /negative thoughts when working on goals

To cap this particular day off, we then wrote full-page positive affirmations to keep us on the right track. The group witnessed and agreed with them all.

The following week: 

On friday we: 

Asked the question if we could change one thing about how humans evolve what it would be? (Some ideas that were generated: an extra hand, instant healing, being shorter and living shorter lives). What would yours be? What do you think is likely with what humans around you are encouraging in themselves now? 

When we did our sit spot today we thought about how we landed upon finding the right one for us, can we pick the perfect one – whats our criteria? What about you – what makes a right sit spot right? Proximity to water, likely animal passers, being under a tree, in tall grass? Like so many things, there is no definitive, one-size-fits-all answer which doesn’t mean exploring the question is not fruitful and revealing on the individual scale. 

We then went on to play the zombies & humans game where humans had a chance to evolve by answering questions linked to sustainability – we had 1 human left with 1.5 mins to go and then we failed! Failure is an influential teacher, this is what we tell ourselves… 

We spent time working on personal goal projects – which were oven building; fire starting; overnight shelter building – all of this in the incessant sleet/snow of February in Scotland! 

We also processed firewood for the store, this will be needed for some time to come by the looks of things. 

Using the power of our inner “seer” we worked with the imaginal realm. We visualised ourselves as doing something on an alternative day and did some journalling afterwards, either drawing or writing before going on to share our stories. Lot’s of gold mined. 

In our story of the day, we reflected on how the weather affects our activities and what kind of day we had. According to the feedback, it was slow, awesome and as well as scattered with some boring bits as we battled the hardy weather. We then made a rainy day bag of things to pull out to do when the chips are down. This is taking responsibility for our own experience. The agreement we came to is we are all committed to each one in there. 

We said our goodbyes promptly as we were going to be there the next day for… 


There were quite a few additional new and familiar faces that joined us today as Saturday is our open to those at high school day. It was great to catch up. 

To start off with so many other bodies and a slight relief in the harsh weather, we made the most of it by playing games: birthday line up, hagoo, ninja, stump. Please get in touch if you want details of how to play or better yet get in touch to find out how to join us for the next Saturday escapade! 

We then did some pole lathe turning – made spoons, clubs, bats, fish batons – used a side axe, different chisels and a billhook. 

Overall we used our bodies a lot by sparring, arm wrestling, falls of trust, human pyramids, human bridges – lots of energy expended and generated. What a cycle of abundance. 

To settle ourselves, we gathered and discussed our next month’s workshop and to top off a fantastic, challenging and productive weekend made our own acrostic poems.

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