Working and Playing Together

It seems like a while ago now but the end of last term was as eventful as ever…

We explored using a wider variety of our senses including our body awareness and internal compassing when we had a blindfold car journey. This was challenging and fun in equal measure with resulting chaos. Then from that we found our way to camp using some of the skills we had honed with our earlier jaunt. 

When we arrived at camp we made ourselves comfortable and started to make the place suitable with a dakota fire and paracute to keep us sheltered,warm and with something to cook on.

The den, as ever needed work and the crew brought their by now well developed den building expertise to the fore with that. 

It wouldn’t be a day at Wilder Ways without games and we explored how we saw things in a fun collaborative way, before eating our Dakota fire cooked pasta and harvesting our valuable moments from the last few weeks and taking time to pause and also look forward to what’s coming up after the break.