The Exploration Continues

It is just as important to understand our environment as it is to understand ourselves. Indeed, the two are linked, and the interaction is what makes us. This week we pondered the questions: where does our energy come from and go? As well as: what patterns do I have?

Potentially these questions can give us valuable insight into why and how we get the results we do and also what we may be able to change when we aren’t getting the results we want. 

We walked East Lomond – and discovered the difference between the times we projected and the actual time it took us. This helped to hone our instincts. 

Looking at the energy flow of land through connections and using word chain association was very useful. It was illuminating to notice the subjective differences between what we picked up on from the landscape. 

For a bit of light relief we played the zombie apocalypse game. Who knows it may come in useful sometime.

We also had a go at scale mapping; this hones our communication and observation skills no end.

Henry led a creative writing session, and we sowed many seeds for ideas for us to develop in our own time. Thank you, Henry,

In the end, there was nothing left to do but express our gratitude for another fun, exploratory day.​