New horizons

The pace of growth of our Horizons group has been tremendous and we now have two groups that are full to capacity. We know that a picture spells a thousand words so here are some to enjoy. We continue to have fun, be challenged and learn. Among more games than we could remember playing, we … More New horizons

And Now for Summer

June 2021 It has been an interesting experiment to do all this study for a national five as everything about the education system changed this year due to restrictions and we had to adapt quickly, we were also limited to doing a lot online. But we got through it and it has been celebratory to … More And Now for Summer

So We are Back

It’s been a long time since we could gather in more than two at a time. We found it so refreshingly great to not start Monday with an intensive three hour Zoom call with a last minute dash to briefly meet up and disperse again with just one of more person. Not this Monday, this … More So We are Back

Wild Study

We’ve been busy getting stuck into our national five study in Environmental Science – and enjoying the last months of 2020 which may be one of the more memorable ones we have all lived through.  A few of things we have done over the past fortnight include measuring abiotic factors. An abiotic factor is a non-living … More Wild Study

Winning Wild Ways

November 2020 We’ve had a wild time these past weeks. Here are some updates!  A week ago on our Monday we visited the Bamff Estate which is an award-winning eco-tourism spot that has been instrumental in the reintroduction of Beavers to Scotland. Beavers face many threats as their natural habits oppose the interests of commercial farmers in … More Winning Wild Ways

Kingsbarns Rockpooling

We alighted early at Kingsbarns Beach in the East Neuk last week. We had four seasons in one day, the last day of the term session.  We examined the meaning of several biological/scientific terms such as “Herbivore” and ” Decomposer”. We reused the language to retell a story that Paula told us about how to … More Kingsbarns Rockpooling