Kingsbarns Rockpooling

We alighted early at Kingsbarns Beach in the East Neuk last week. We had four seasons in one day, the last day of the term session. 

We examined the meaning of several biological/scientific terms such as “Herbivore” and ” Decomposer”. We reused the language to retell a story that Paula told us about how to make a sustainable burger. We’ll let you know when we have cracked the sustainable burger formula.

Then we went down to the rock pools and looked at all the inhabitants—our explorations and investigations in the diverse shallows tied nicely to understanding the interconnections and webs of life. 

We had all gathered our field guides from home, and when we had kidnapped some creatures ( temporarily ) in some containers, we then worked out in what beings eat others starting with seaweed in the middle. Then we released them without ransom to their watery abode.

After that, we walked down the expansive beach and made sandballs and art inspired by our learnings.