Caring, Tending and First Aid

Caring and tending day – this last week we were lucky enough to explore the concept that if we don’t look after ourselves we will struggle to look after anyone else. How valuable and rewarding will this be in practice for all of us !! It is certainly needed especially between us all as we battle weather and small hardships week in week out (not mentioning the Oreos and afternoon naps ). 

We had a chat and brainstorm through the following questions:
How do we care for ourselves?
How do we not?
It was interesting to see ourselves reflected as well have respect for the differences between us. 

We shared some A&E accident stories – Lewis, our outdoor first aid trainer had the most gruesome one, hands down,from Kings London. We won’t share for those of you with sensitive minds. 

We also played a first aid quiz for the Oreos – Ollie won with Edward a close second, thank goodness as they were feeling hungry and looking faint. Anything becomes possible with biscuits as the prize.  

Lewis gave us a run down on most things first aid that we may need at Wilder Ways and in our wider lives – we covered situations like: choking, bleeding, burns, bites, stings, cardiac arrest. It was so through  and engaging. You will now be much safer around us ! 

After the training we went to the sports field for some very welcome sun and looked at our own needs. We reflected on what’s important to us right now and chose a need individually that we were going to address over the following week.

Before we went home, we played some games. It wouldn’t be Wilder Ways without games. 

We hope you will join us one time, in the meantime have a look through our photos.