Wild Study

We’ve been busy getting stuck into our national five study in Environmental Science – and enjoying the last months of 2020 which may be one of the more memorable ones we have all lived through. 

A few of things we have done over the past fortnight include measuring abiotic factors. An abiotic factor is a non-living part of an ecosystem that shapes its environment, such as temperature and light. We also thought about possible sampling errors in fieldwork and brainstormed ways to account for them.

We have figured out a few ways to be creative over the months including using sweets to helped turn sometimes dry science into enjoyable keeping our reward centres activated 🙂
It was great to realise we have become way more competent in doing things like transects and quadrats – (ways are ways of surveying land). It’s been great to have a different part of the estate to go to.

We’ve had hunkered down lunchtimes in the new plantation for after which we all disappeared and crawled up to the tower! We also enjoyed some richly reflective time – some of us did mock assessments in the wind and rain, something we had mixed feelings about! Some of us sat by the fire and tapped into some self-reflection.

We also explored our relationships with the 8 attributes we work with at Wilder Ways. 

As a reminder these are: 
Common Sense 
Quiet Mind
Self Suffiency 
Caring and Tending 
Aliveness Agility 
Inquisitive Focus
Awe and Reverence
Service to Community 

We all got together to identifying gaps in the attributes and what we are currently working with, and we made a plan to help fill them and make sure we are hitting those targets rather than just our academic ones.

We have also prepared for an interview from the SUII project about the sustainability of the 

More news on that soon.

For now Stay Wild and check us out on Instagram ( @Wilderwaysfife ) if you’re on there for bitesize updates.