Wilding in Lockdown

It has been such an intense month. We would be just starting out Easter Holidays as of the start of the week and instead a lot of us have been away from Schools, if we do go to School, and Workplaces for a while now. 

We hope you are all doing well out there. Generally Wilder Ways is about getting away from screens and learning hand crafts, being connected to nature and owning our attention. These days though call for something different as getting together isn’t an option. We would also be off over Easter but because we are more isolated than usual, carrying on seemed like a good idea. 

Last week we explored our head, heart, hands and body and our purpose, which is something we do on a weekly on camp.

Purpose feels really important even when we are being held up by the current sitation, reminding ourselves of what motivates us can be very healing and empowering – this continuation also feels very affirming.

We also went out on our separate adventures – bird surveying, foraging for dandelions, searching for frogspawn, to a calm sit spot and to photograph rabbits.

Among us we saw a fox; a heron, a kestrel, some thorny stuff and ducks reclaiming the road. The wildlife is not on lockdown and this is an amazing time to use a daily walk for some healing nature connection. 

We also had a story from Marylou and an end of term quiz, it’s great that Marylou can get more involved in real time as she has a large part in shaping Wilder Ways. 

This week we joined on Zoom again – we explored what Easter is. We also talked about what we love and how well we know our local landscape. This is something we are all invited to aquaint ourselves better with right now – and it can be a new horizon if we are used to travelling elsewhere for our social activities.

We talked about what we don’t know – plants, and birds voices.

We explored pausing for Easter – what do we need to do for our pause to really mark it when so much is in pause right now ?

We thought about how well we know our local area through some questions on birds, trees, direction, water

We all went out on the land again – some of us went back to old sit spots and some decided to  explore new ones. 

Then we got together on Zoom again and shared our days story and photos – we talked about identifying new plants – and what we loved.  There was a big need for peace and rest today, everyone is feeling the weight of what is unfolding.

We hope you are all keeping well ❤ 

We heard a story from Martin Shaw – the Lindworm.

​Watch it HERE