Risking and Benefiting

It has been great to get to a point where we are seeing real progress with our personal goals – one thing we have been exploring in particular is seeing the unseen – and delving into risk and benefit.

Now, this may sound obscure so here is an example this week we started by considering a risk situation we have been in and ended the day writing about a risky we’d like to be in. Instead of just seeing the risks and dangers we thought about what  the benefits were in that situation ? How does risk help us grow and is risk ever avoidable or do we always just trade for another set of risks including not growing our resiliences and abilities to handle what life throws at us?

We had time at our sit spots considering hazards and their benefits. Lots to think about ! 

Felled a small tree the classic 3 cut way – risks and benefits came into how we approached this.

We cooked and eat road kill vension stew on the fire – with foraged and ingredients that we collectively brought along.

As well as this we: 

  • Processed the tree into our log store.
  • Wove more of the toilet walls – they are coming along great !
  • Learnt more about tinder and what burns well. 
  • Considered our projects and re-evaluated the timeline on some of them
  • Played ninja – an old favourite ! 
  • Reviewed how we are showing up with each other and with our long term goals.

All this while keeping as warm and dry as we can – the winter weather has well and truly set in….

29th October 2019

It is incredible how much food comes from Fife and is grown and made locally,  when you start looking it feels very empowering to know so much is on our doorsteps – no bananas or chocolate grows locally  sadly ( that we know of…so far but happy to be corrected ! ) but there is much wholesome fare to be had. This week the wilder ways wanderers  had a challenge to buy and forage local food and turn it into lunch. Thankfully this was not hard as we were all pretty hungry. We had leek and potato soup with freshly baked bread. Not to be sniffed at ! 

The energy we gained stood us in good stead to play a game called Get Off The Couch -looking at  what motivates us to do those things we need to do but don’t love doing.

Essential life skill 247 covered at Wilder Ways ! 

We also explored leaders and followers through practical tasks and journalling followed by discussion to expand our comfort with being able to take both roles – all essential for successful teambuilding. We looked at SMARTER goals too which is way of framing what we want to achieve and making sure that we have ways to get there. SMARTER is an acronym for Specific Measurable Achieveable Realistic Time Bound Ecological and Responsible .. Having a goal framed in this way means that we have hope of getting where we want to and also have an awareness of where our responsibilities lie. 

We also had our routine sit spots – a core part of the wilderness awareness school. 

Last week was our two day session too so on Saturday we welcomed new faces to play ninja games of theft and daring. This and building took up much of our day with intrepid adventure. We curled up like hibernating animals mirroring what will be happening in the wild and observed nature from this space with all of our senses… 

Well it was a packed and pleasant  time and next it will be Samhain ! 

 Stay Wild and stay in touch…