Chancing a return to Chancefield

Last week, one week after the socially distanced campout that coincided with summer solstice we went for a responsible distanced meet which was long overdue at least to us – and where is safer than the outdoors to do this? 

We all made our way separately in our vehicles in alignment with the current guidelines. We started in separate groups, both leaving from Chancefield to get to the Tyndall Tower without being seen by the others.

Each group had to make something en route (a carved spear and a bow and arrow), and Ethan who was at home was rolling a dice for them which created consequences, and he was on the phone giving them words which they had to find things to represent. Edward was the messenger. It worked well despite words such as cyanide! This was balanced with words such as flourish, ally, remorse and such like.

After lunch, we engaged in a lot of climbing on and around the tower. Some of us even ran up it.

We made comfrey salve and did an activity to reflect on our different voices.Thought about: are our gaming voices the same as the ones we use to speak to our grannies? Or when we are pissed at our friends? Don’t we all have a hat-trick of voices to pull out for every occasion? Can we engage these consciously instead of reactively?  

We finished off our voice discovery with a sales pitch playoff between Angus and Edward trying to convince the other to purchase mushy orange peas. Yes really. Would you fall for it? The voice may swing it. 

Just as we left the tower, the thunder and rain arrived, and we made a hasty return to Chancefield our familiar haunt. We were so keen that we were like homing pigeons set free. AND….it was just as we left it three months ago…more or less. Some folk were delighted to see it. Some circling into the known was a homecoming. We are so grateful to have had these structures and friendships through all the unfamiliarity.