What has happened over the past few weeks

We have been discovering what changes and what stays the same in these times and finding out first hand what works better in person even with us keeping our distance. 

We did a treasure hunt for 31 cards…. but collectively only found 22! We each had a memory on each card from the last year, which they pegged in order – remembering it very well.

We also made a tippy tap – very successfully.

Our group made elder capsules and buried two of them at our sit spots – we thought about them symbolising something we want to forget and let go of and something we want more of in their life.

We shared aha moments from the year, have you had any and did some dragon dreaming to plan for next week’s celebration.

Then the next week…

We talked about what makes us feel alive this was different for all of us and was aided by the full flurry of life all around us. Summer is so healing and hopeful.

We played many games on the sports field all morning, this helped shake out any cobwebs and got us all feeling hopeful and connected.

Paula disappeared completely ( suspicions were alerted ) and left a trail to warm pizza from Pillars of Hercules for lunch……mobile phones were necessary to get there though and it was worth it! Pizza never fails.

At camp we did some balancing rounds on the beam and carried that into reflections about what at Wilder Ways helps us feel alive and how do we feel when we aren’t feeling alive. What about you? Sluggish? Sad ? Unmotivated? 

What habits do we have that create that feeling and how do we shake ourselves out of that.

We had a wee burning ritual to send our intentions to balance our aliveness over the summer.

Marshmallows were seen……and that made us feel a little bit alive, too many will start a negative cycle though. Sugar high/low anyone !!! 

Have an amazing summer everyone.