New Words and Story Sticks

We have all been keeping our wild momentum through zoom tech and some pacing with solitary missions.  Solo nature missions are all very well, and it’s something we always did before lockdown. But it is even better when you can come back and share your stories with a group who know you well. We are feeling very appreciative for the community we have nurtured over the past few years. 

So last week, we made a game of inventing futuristic technology for someone in the group. It said a lot about what we knew about each other as to what we thought they would use the most. 

We did a re-telling of the Dog & Fox story as a group – each person told a part of it, some bits became longer, and other bits changed utterly. The evolution of the story. 

We also came up with a survival journey scenario for each person – they were each “sent” to a place they have secure connections with but at a time when things are not quite right and asked to think of 5 things they’d bring with them. 

We all then ventured out to our sit spot places with a set of three questions and three tasks. These tasks were bird related. We tried building a nest without hands and a human-made beak, and harvesting comfrey. All the more admiration for our feathered friends. For how many thousands of years have we been learning from them? 

The questions could have led to more profound myth or towards looking at issues of climate change and apocalyptic scenarios. Every generation faces the end and beginning of some aspects of culture – what are we taking for granted? What skills do we bring forward?

We also started harvesting stories from our imaginal/real places – mixing real and fantasy – and recognised there is an interface – how can we utilise our imaginations for resilience and future building as well as working through difficulty.

Rhiannon also shared ten pages of her Morris comic – which has been an ongoing project it is fabulous, and she got lots of great feedback from the group.

We are all feeling very grateful for the weather we are having on the East Coast of Scotland at the moment. We are also pretty proud of the strong foundations of Wilder Ways as an entity.