Even Wilder Ways

Wilder Ways, we have been going strong and steady even in these distanced time, it has been an essential scaffolding in our outdoor time and connection with each other. 

Every week on Fridays we have been meeting on Zoom and then embarking on our solo adventures. Setting time aside to reflect and hold ourselves accountable feels supportive and encouraging and reminds us that we are continuing to develop despite the broader freeze that is going on with our regular interactions. 

The things we have done over the past little while are:

 We have explored freedom and fun. Who needs more of that !? We discussed who and what freedom is, concerning the lockdown and throughout history. 

There were lots of interesting conversations that came out of this, and it certainly planted seeds to consider over a more extended period. 

They had fun challenges to do on their time out alone – probably best not to mention them here as they were top secret !! 

In the end,  they had multidimensional and unprecedented experiences. Ollie ended up rescuing a pigeon, Ethan became a ninja and disappeared, Rhiannon was a bearer of gold ( ie, loo roll ) to the people of Anstruther and Henry did an Irish jig with a well-written limerick. We are not allowed to release the footage. 

Then just this weekend they all had camping and solo cooking experiences to welcome in Beltane. Not everyone had the best sleep, but it was good to stretch those camping muscles and think of adaptive and creative ways to camp within the lockdown. 

Every time we meet up, we also keep chatting about our personal goals – some of those goals need to be acted out throughout the home only but stoking the fire keeps us energised. 

And as ever the Sit Spot has been our anchor. Thank goodness for the beautiful spring – wasn’t it snowing this time last year ??! 

What have you been doing?