The Life Labyrinth at Kinghorn Loch

Come and walk our newly completed Life Labyrinth at Kinghorn Loch. Sustainable Communities Initiatives at the Earthship have spent months working with local community groups and volunteers creating the Life Labyrinth – planting native wild flowers and shrubs to symbolise life and its stages and transitions. The official opening of the labyrinth was held at the Harvest Festival on 12th September and it was opened by David Torrance, MSP and volunteers.

What is the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? Labyrinths and mazes are intricate paths that eventually lead you to the centre. A maze is a place where you can go the wrong way many times, it has dead ends and paths that take you back instead of to the centre. A labyrinth is different, the path also turns this way and that, but there is only one path, no forks, no dead ends or loop backs. When you go into a labyrinth, you know you cannot get lost (though sometimes it may feel like it). The Life Labyrinth is for everyone to enjoy so come along to try it out. And why not go for a walk in the woodlands, have a look in the birdhide and meet the ducks and geese while you are here?

Life Labyrinth picture

The Earthship Fife Visitor Centre will be open at the following times during the October holidays:

Wednesday 14th Oct, 1-4pm
Friday 16th Oct, 10am-12
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