The Earthship is 10! (2014)

The Earthship is 10! Come help us celebrate on Saturday 14th June, 2-6pm. There will be lots of fun family activities, food & refreshments, drumming & live music and an Eco Building tent with guest speakers.

Speakers Programme

2.30-2.40pm Paula Cowie, who brought the Earthship to Scotland, will talk briefly about the last ten years of the Earthship, and will be available for questions. 2.40-3.10pm Alastair Dawson, an Organic Livestock Farmer come Ecobuilder from Kinross will talk about his experience of building an “earthship” type house on his farm. He will explain how planning has responded, several years after Earthship Fife was built, the design, materials and techniques he employed in building, and how all the implemented principles and systems are performing. 3.40-4.10pm Becky Little, one of Scotland’s leading experts in earth repair and construction will share with us some of her 20 years experience of the regional techniques of building with mud. She will take us through the history of earth building in Scotland and explain how the building technique gains a place on the sustainability spectrum. There is something for the whole family to do, so come along!