Visit Earthship Fife

From the 29th March the Earthship will undergo the dismantling process.

It will be possible for last visits to take place on Saturday the 20th March and Sunday 4th April between the times of 11-3pm. We need to gently remind you that travel restrictions still apply and all Covid precautions should be taken.

Nestled into the hillside, facing south to catch the sun, the Earthship Fife Visitor Centre has welcomed school children, families, home educators, students of colleges and universities from all over Scotland, the UK and even Europe. Architects, engineers, builders, designers have all had their curiosity piqued enough to venture up the grassy track over the last two decades.

The Earthship has always looked at home in the Fife landscape with Scottish whinstone facing the front of the building (expertly done by local stonemason Norman Masterton). The autonomous building has proven too that the independent water, sewage and electric systems work well, having only run out of water twice since 2004, and power only once.

Now in its 18th year it is time for the Earthship to be transformed into Projects of Hope across Fife, and beyond. When most people are asked what the Earthship gave them, from arrival to now, the young, old and in between, all say hope. Hope for a future that makes more sense, hope for the chance to follow our dreams and live more connected to the earth’s climate and resources.

Projects of Hope starts at our online Goodbye Earthship Ceilidh on March 27th at 4pm and the decommissioning begins on March 29th.

Please get in touch if you would like to –

  • join us at the online ceilidh
  • help us dismantle and reuse the Earthship
  • tell us about a project that the Earthship parts can make happen

Please find out more by emailing