Creative Waste

Over the last 20 years, our Creative Waste workshops have not only given enjoyment to many but have inspired people of all ages and abilities to rethink their use of waste! Ideal for big or small events, and schools or community groups, and suitable for all ages and abilities.

During the workshops, participants will be shown how art and craft activities can be done on a budget by making use of waste and natural materials. They can make a range of items, from chair cushions and plastic rockets to large plastic bottle greenhouses for food and enterprise projects.

creative waste workshops

Rags to Riches –

Try your hand at peg loom weaving or the ancient craft of rag-rugging and produce rag cushions or cardboard loom wall hangings using old sheets and materials. A simple and perfect way to reuse those old clothes.

Handmade Paper –

Bring in recycled paper, plants and food waste, and take home unique handmade paper.

Plastics ‘R’ Fantastic –

Hold on to those empty plastic bottles! They can be easily transformed into flowers, windmills, spiders, birdfeeders and rockets. Why buy expensive toys when you can make your own out of waste? We currently do not offer this as a workshop, but you can buy our book PLASTICS ARE (STILL) FANTASTIC! with full instructions in our Shop .


Each workshop begins with short discussion to help children understand the issues surrounding waste: Why do we recycle – what difference does it make? This is followed by one of the fun interactive activities above.

Cost: £195 plus travel expenses

This cost is for a full day at the school, allowing two classes to take part in one type of workshop. All Creative Waste workshops can be part of an Eco Day or Eco Week.

The cost of workshops depends on length of workshop, how many facilitators are required and distance from KY15 7RJ. Please get in touch for an exact quote.

 For further information and for a quote, please email us.