Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Waste education in action – 1500 plastic bottles REUSED!

Turn waste into a unique practical structure for your school or community! SCI will help you build a plastic bottle greenhouse (approx 2m x 3m) that can be used for plant growing, classroom and play activities.

plastic bottle greenhouse collage

The SCI team will come along to your school or community group for a 5 day project. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Organise ordering and delivery of building materials
  • Dig holes and cement in the frame
  • Wire up the walls and roof section, build and hang the doors
  • Facilitate the wall building with bottles with groups of children
  • Install the roof and finishings
  • Cost includes a half day Creative Waste Workshop for up to 30 children – making toys from waste bottles. The children learn about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)


Days 1 and 2

  • Facilitator prepares ground and assembles frame
  • The children will be asked to process bottles in class by cutting off bottle bottoms and cutting triangles

Days 3 and 4

  • Facilitator on site to wire up walls
  • The children will then help to assemble the bottle roof and walls. The days can be split into three sessions with 15 children and 2 adults at each session. Total: 45 children plus two adults per day

Day 5

  • Facilitator completes the build
  • Up to 30 children take part in the Creative Waste Workshop. This will be in their class room with the teacher present.


Bottle collection
The build is a waste education experience beginning with collecting your own waste at home and school. It is important that participants see their ‘waste’ transformed! Before SCI can start the project, you must collect 1500 2-litre clear round bottles plus 80 coloured for the door.
These should be rinsed with labels removed and stored unsquashed, with their tops left on as this prevents squashing.

Volunteer helpers
In order to minimise costs, adult volunteer helpers are required every day of the build. It is important that a minimum of 6 adults are available as helpers.
Please note if there is insufficient adult assistance and an extra journey is required to complete the build, our builder will charge £20 per hour.

Project delivery by SCI: £1000
Materials: £300
Total cost: £1300 excluding travel*

Optional extras: £50 for additional waterproofing of roof
£50 for bark chip flooring

*Travel is based on 40p per mile for return travel for five days and will be calculated on request.

If you are interested in building a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse without our help, please purchase our book ‘Plastics are Fantastic’, which gives full instructions including diagrams and colour photos to explain in detail how to construct a plastic bottle greenhouse or shelter wall. ‘Plastics are Fantastic’ is available to buy in our shop. 

For further information and for a quote, please email or telephone us.

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