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2017 Outdoor Learning

This outdoor learning project will deliver a nature connection week (5 days) to 12 children 8-12 years who are struggling at mainstream school. The project will give children an opportunity to have fun outdoors in a safe and nurturing way and will help them to discover an alternative to more sedentary out-of-school activities.

The project aims to help children connect to the land around them and create a sense of belonging, connection to themselves and have more awareness of their needs and inner resources, and connect to others and have more skill in listening to others with empathy.

The sessions will include games and activities that focus on nature connection and social skills. The children will play team-building games, learn bush craft skills such as den building, fire-starting, foraging and wild cooking, tracking, and storytelling.

We hope to give the children the experience of freedom outdoors with their peers and that they will also experience comradeship, independence and rekindle their imagination, experiencing the outdoor environs of Kinghorn Loch in a supported and focussed way. We also hope that the experience that the children have of playing and learning safely outdoors will give them and their parents and carers the confidence to continue exploring the outdoors and what it has to offer.

The 12 places have been allocated to P6 pupils at Burntisland and Fair Isle Primary Schools.

Funded by:  Shell UK Community Awards administered by Foundation Scotland

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