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2016 Reach N Teach


Reach N Teach with the Earthship is a 12-month project with the aim of training our sessional facilitators to deliver 35 interactive talks and skills-sharing workshops to school children and local communities.

The Earthship will be used as an example of sustainable living and to encourage communities to consider how they can make more sustainable choices.

Initially facilitators will deliver a short talk to each group adapted to their individual needs. Participants will find out how the Earthship came to Scotland, its unique design techniques and what we can learn from the building concept. Key techniques used in the Earthship will also be explored including re-using waste materials such as tyres; passive solar design; thermal mass; three types of renewable energy; autonomous sewage and rainwater systems.

A children’s version of the talk will also be available and includes the story of the Earthship, written by a storyteller, which will be self-published and illustrated as part of the project.

Following on from their talk groups will then be offered a free skills sharing workshop at their school, community meeting place or the Earthship Fife Visitor Centre. Workshops will be tailored to the groups’ individual learning requirements and will teach them skills such as:

  • creative waste – how to make things out of household waste
  • renewable energy – how it works and what can be done at home
  • saving money on bills
  • managing waste

New ideas will be developed as the project progresses using input from participating groups.

If you would like to find out more about Reach N Teach with the Earthship please e-mail us at

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Funded by:  Postcode Community Trust

The Postcode Community Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Reach N Teach received £11,690 from the Trust to help people change their habitats towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


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