Getting Back into the Swing of Things

We had our camp in Argyll just a few weeks ago, and it was magnificent. The freedom and beauty were enough to set off the rather windy and wet weather which caused at least two tent collapses – luckily this happened on packing up day. We would have had to call for reinforcements if there were days left – soggy is not fun. The rest of the time we basked in mostly clear weather. It was great to see our friends from Argyll too and Marylou, our long time mentor and co-founder was there too – reunions are so satisfying. Pictures go a long way to explaining everything so check out our snaps above! 

On Monday we met again for our usual term-time session. We have swapped from our usual Friday meeting day to accommodate higher education dates for some of our participants. We will also meet on one Saturday a month for those who are in school full time.
​So on Monday, we met at Magus Muir woodlands which is managed by the woodland trust – it is near Strathkinnes. We had a great day.
We were joined by bird survey expert Tony Wilson and had some hands-on survey experience and saw some bird ringing carried out too. This helps to understand behaviour and track avian populations. 
It was so good to get into the swing of things and for feel like we have a full few months anchoring in Wilder Ways to look forward to. Today  felt remarkably well balanced too. We spent time between information processing, hands-on practice and participation and some teenage hanging out/challenges – then, after the bird adventures we explored and set on  trail on the history and wider site. Magus Muir has a history that goes back centuries and has some interesting monuments as well as boasting a diversity of tree species. 
We are also now collectively studying a National 5 in Environmental Science which will be accredited and we have lots of tasks that we ordinarily do that can be woven through that lens. It feels really satisfying that it will count towards something that is universally recognized, whilst incorporating much of what we do anyway and keeps us on track with our purpose.